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Food Fighters

A Weight Loss Challenge Community

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A Weight Loss Challenge Community
Welcome to food_fighters!

Membership Closed
(please see details below)

This community was initially established as a forum for members of a specific role playing game to discuss their weight loss and healthy living goals. It has since evolved into something more: recently several members have taken up the challenge of losing 60 pounds in 50 weeks. Why this particular goal? Why, so we can be in better shape for ComicCon, of course!

This community exists to be supportive. We are here to cheer each other on to victory and encourage each other to our goals. Insults and backbiting are not tolerated. Together we will lose weight and gain increased self-respect.

This is a private and closed community; because of its nature it is currently invitation only. If you know one or more of the members and are interested in joining, please speak with them so that they can recommend you to the group. Simply requesting membership will result in automatic rejection.

Other Notes:
This is not a pro-anorexia community! Farthest from it, in fact. We support healthy, slow-but-steady weight loss, and all of us enjoy our food. If you are looking for a pro-anorexia group, we are not the community you are looking for. Indeed, we encourage you to seek professional help - anorexia is a serious medical condition and requires treatment.