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Back on the Wagon: [Jan. 22nd, 2007|12:59 pm]
Food Fighters


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So after a talk with Marie last night I figured I'd do as I said I would and make an entry. We both want to loose more weight and figured we'd try this rout once more to get there.

Start: 277 pounds

First Goal: 222 pounds

Main Goal: 150 pounds

Need: to loose 50 lbs.

Today I've had:
1/2 a breakfast taco with eggs, bacon, and cheese in it. NO sour cream, katchup, or salsa.
20oz of water
4 stalks of cooked asperagus, 1/4 wild rice, 1/4 of a boneless skinless chicken brest.

I intend to have another 20oz of water and a protine shake for my snack.
No idea what dinner will bring, but here's hoping its not too bad. I will edit this when I have dinner so my update is all propper...

now... if only I would exersize... *sighs*


I never managed my protine shake, I tried but made it wrong and it was too nasty to drink... I did get the rest of my water in, avoided eating a snack and for dinner I had cabbage, carrots, and smoaked sausage. 1/4 serving of each. *G* I did good.